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Regal Embrace 2000

Luxurious and unique natural viscose damask cover where the warp and weft stretch property of the cover allows the spine to rest in the comfort layer reducing pressure points.

The mattress upholstery includes opulent surface comfort layers of 100% pure British wool with soft rebound moisture absorbing and hypoallergenic wool and a rich mix of cashmere, silk and breathable cotton for unsurpassed comfort.

The 100% British wool comfort layer is cool in summer and warm in winter and naturally disperses heat and moisture for a more comfortable night’s sleep for a natural body insulator feel.

All Sanctum models meet the British wool platinum standard.

The luxury engineered spring system features 2000 individually encased pocket springs.                       

(2 tiered-- 2 x 1000 core) that adjust to your individual body contours to provide anatomical correct support with no ‘roll together’.

The mattress spring unit has enhanced strengthened edge support to ensure total comfort and support across the entire sleep surface.

The mattress border is side stitched (2 Row) by hand to further enhance the edge support.